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Michael J. Coffey

New Coaching Program from Ardea!

Get Your $#!& Together

This 14-week coaching program will get you organized and getting more done with less worry. Plus, it covers getting a handle on your personal finances too!

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What Does A Life Coach Do?
Life coaches--as distinguished from sports coaches--support clients to envision, plan, and live the life of their dreams. Put in more practical terms, I help my clients (primarily entrepreneurs and small-business owners):

  • clarify what they want in their life;
  • solve problems more quickly
  • learn from their experiences more deeply;
  • see progress or success that they might have not noticed;
  • break huge projects into manageable steps;
  • stick to their goals by providing whatever structure and accountability works best for them.

So if you've got a project you just can't seem to finish, or your list of things you want to do is too long, or you have a sense that your life is a bit off track from where you'd like it to be going, explore on. Perhaps I can help get you where you'd rather be.


Free Downloads! I've changed the site around and moved the free stuff where it can be found more easily. Just click on the "Free Stuff" link that now shows up in the sidebar along the left side of the screen. Have fun!

The Story of Ardea Great Blue Heron

Ardea is the Latin name for the heron, a bird with which I have come to have some connection. In one of my coach training courses, we did several visualizations and similar exercises. The heron kept showing up. I had always been fond of herons and often looked for them when passing watery areas where they might fish. Finally, I read the qualities of people whose spirit totem is a heron, and they matched my personality and habits very well.

When it came time to pick a name for my business, I started looking at variations on the heron--Blue Heron Coaching, and so forth. There were already a lot of companies with "heron" in their name, though. So I looked up the Latin name. Ardea sounded nice and wasn't used much by other companies. And so it came to pass that my business was named Ardea Coaching.


Service. The service section covers information about my coaching services, seminars and workshops, and email correspondence courses. If you're looking for a FAQ on coaching, testimonials, a description of my ideal client, or referral bonuses, this is the place to go.

Resources. This section has lots of information, including back issues of Reasonably Simple, my voluntary simplicity newsletter; documents for the Seattle Value Units System (SeaVU); as well as links, book and movie recommendations, and FREE stuff!

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Store. The store section is where you can purchase, subscribe to, or in some way procure things that I have for sale--currently only classes, but soon to include tapes, books, and so forth.

Community. Coming soon. This section is where you can access the Ardea chat rooms, message boards, and so forth.

Meet Michael J. Coffey. Coming soon. Here you can find out about me, Michael J. Coffey, the guy behind all this Ardea stuff.

Michael J. Coffey, Certified Professional Coach
PO Box 23221, Seattle, WA 98105
206-522-6224 (206-52-COACH)