Small Business Digital Strategy

Entrepreneurship is tough.  Being a small business owner can be as time consuming as being a parent.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  As a professional coach for small business owners for over a decade, I’ve not only been through the process myself, but I’ve also coached and counseled over 400 clients one-on-one.

One of the problems I have seen over the years is the almost universal feeling among business owners–particularly first time entrepreneurs–is that they have to do it all.

You don’t.

When we work together, I can lend you my brain.  I’ll go through your online presence: website, social media, e-commerce store, blog, and whatever else you’ve got set up and use my experience to identify the “low hanging fruit.”  You won’t need to learn how to install javascript tracking code, analyze the data it collects, or keep up on the latest social media trends.  I’ll handle that.  You only have to focus on your customers and your business and I’ll use what you know to determine the changes that are most likely to increase traffic, sales, customer loyalty, or whatever your online business goals happen to be.

Of course, I’ve also trained over 1000 people in online marketing, general business skills, social media, organization and goal setting, and more.  If there is something you really do want to learn how to do, I can probably help out there as well.

Ardea Coaching was founded by Michael J. Coffey in 1999 with the mission to help people to “think, question assumptions, learn, and play.”  By the summer of 2001, he had become a Certified Professional Coach, working primarily with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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