Michael J. Coffey PictureMichael J. Coffey founded Ardea Coaching at the turn of the century.  Since then he has helped hundreds of business owners to start, grow, understand, balance, shift, and refine their businesses.  Occasionally, he’s also had to help people dealing with the realization that the business they have started or were thinking of starting had some kind of fatal flaw and was not going to work out in the long run.  But this, too, is a success because the faster an entrepreneur gets to the project that will work rather than wasting time and money on one that won’t, the better off they will be.

Over the course of his working life, Michael has worked as a temp in dozens of different companies, read an encyclopedia (as a proofreader), and been a high school teacher.  He was co-founder of a game publishing company, and a peer-coaching program to provide experience to new life coaches, and was the sole founder of a tea training business as well as Ardea Coaching.

The Story of Ardea

Great Blue HeronArdea is the Latin name for the heron, a bird with which Michael has come to have some connection. In one coach training course he took, students did visualizations and similar exercises. The heron kept showing up. He was already fond of herons and often looked for them when passing watery areas where they might fish. Finally, while reading the supposed qualities of people whose spirit totem is a heron, he noticed that they were a fairly good match for his personality and habits.

When it came time to pick a name for the business, Michael started looking at variations on the heron–Blue Heron Coaching, and so forth. There were already a lot of companies with “heron” in their name, though.  Looking up the Latin name, Michael thought Ardea sounded nice and wasn’t used much by other companies–an important feature in differentiating a business. And so it came to pass that the business was named Ardea Coaching.

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