Every business is different. I will work with you to create a custom package of services that is right for your situation.  Some services can work as one-time, standalone work, others require ongoing effort.

For example, search engine optimization is something that is constantly changing because Google and Bing occasionally adjust their methods to improve results, your competitors try out new things which may help (or hurt!) their ranking, and so forth.  On the other hand, my “SEO Minesweeper” is a standalone service where I check your website and other online profiles to look for a long list of current “mines” that could sink you.  It’s a good checkup, but not the same as ongoing optimization efforts.

Here are some of the services I can provide, which can be mixed and matched according to your needs:

Analytics Setup

If your business is not yet collecting web data (or you’re not sure if you are), I can work with you or your tech person/team to begin collecting a robust amount of data about your online presence and marketing efforts.  While the number of “hits” to your website is a useful measure, you can’t really do much with that number.  I’ll help you to start collecting actionable data.

Baseline Analysis and Benchmarking

How well are you doing already?  Benchmarking and a baseline analysis will give you an idea of where you are now from a website traffic perspective–so that you can tell if your marketing efforts, or website redesign, or social media presence are having the effect you want.  You can’t calculate your return on investment (ROI) on a project without knowing where you started!

Web Presence Audit

Similar to benchmarking, a web presence audit will collect all the bits and pieces of your web presence into a single report. In other words, where does your business show up outside of your website?  Which sites does your business have a presence on?  Who has access to those accounts and what policies should they be following?  Where are you most effective and what are people responding to?

Strategy Analysis

This is the meat-and-potatoes of my service.  I look at your data and your baseline, your goals and desired outcomes, and identify the “low hanging fruit”; in other words, those areas where change is likely to be most effective.  It might be doing some search engine optimization (SEO), or shifting information around on your web page, or adjusting the way you describe your product or service on social media.  I have a 10-point evaluation report that is the usual starting point for the analysis, often revealing critical problems or immediate opportunities.  Beyond that, deeper analysis and testing can be done to measure your effectiveness online, giving you the key pieces of information that allow you to make good business decisions without the hassle of learning everything there is to know about the Internet.

General Business Coaching

Not sure if it’s really the web part of your business that’s the problem?  I’ve also been counseling hundreds small business owners and managers since last century, so I have a broad perspective of the trials and tribulations of being a small business owner from their perspective and from my own experience.  I’ve helped people all the way from how (and when) to apply for their business license, to helping businesses that have been around for almost two decades to improve their inventory management, to everything in between.  Research, making a marketing plan or business plan, and general goal setting or work/life balance issues are all topics I’ve helped multiple business owners to conquer.

Training and Speaking

Need to learn some of these sites, techniques, tactics and strategies?  Well, I can handle that, too.  I’ve done presentations for SCORE, Seattle Central College, Ventures, the Women’s Business Center at Community Capital Development, the Puget Sound Community School, InsideWorks, as well as individual companies like Macbeth Knowles Consulting and Seven Cups Fine Chinese Teas.   Frequently presented classes include:

  • Marketing on the Web (a 9-session overview of online marketing)
  • Don’t Redesign Your Website!
  • Better Business Blogging 
  • Elements of a Business Website
  • Elements of Strategic Marketing
  • Email Marketing & Lead Capture
  • Quick! I Need a Business Website (2-session, hands-on workshop to go from zero to having a decent, basic website)
  • Which Social Media Site is Right for You?
  • Strengthening Your Marketing Plan
  • Marketing with Google+

I also do custom training and presentation for groups or one-on-one if you need something in particular.  Just let me know what you’d like to learn!

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