A Great Tweet from the Department of Transportation

Sometimes, spending as much time as I do on social media isn’t fun.  Sure, I get to watch people look envious when I say I can go on Facebook whenever I want because I work for myself.  But really, things all start looking the same after a while.  “Really?  Another baby?”  “Oh, look!  Another kitten!”  “Oh, how about that…another picture of someone’s lunch.”

Every so often, though, something comes up which breaks the mold and it’s very refreshing.

Whoever was posting for the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Seattle area account was on top of it the other day.  They put together a tweet—about traffic, no less—that got me (who has never had a driver’s license in my life and who can only tell cars apart by color, not by make/model) forwarding a tweet about road conditions.

Here’s the Tweet

WSDOT Traffic Tweet

Why is this such a great tweet?  It’s got it all.  It’s informative, telling about a real, on-the-ground (or on-the-trestle in this case) situation that drivers should be aware of.  It handles a problematic situation (can’t verify via camera) in a humorous way.  And chickens—because everyone knows the Internet runs on cute animal pictures.  By which, I really mean that it’s entertaining.


By the way, if you want to see the original tweet, you can find it here.  At time of posting, it had been retweeted 48 times and favorited by 65 people.  Not bad for a traffic update, eh?

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