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Well, here we are in a brand-new website! It’s a little empty, so I realize I may be talking to myself for a little bit until things get up and running, but you can help (if you see this)! Here’s a link to tweet the news—just click the Twitter bird image below and it will bring up a suggested tweet that you can send:

Tweet: I'm celebrating @michaeljcoffey 's re-launch of his coaching business, now focusing on #smallbiz digital strategy:

And if you’re interested in having something like this on your site, it was made with the tool at I’ve added it here to see how it works.

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Michael started learning about online marketing as the web store manager for a scrappy little game retailer during the "dot com bubble" of the 1990s. Since then he's helped fitness companies, tea wholesalers and retailers, lawyers, clothing designers, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs in many other fields. In his spare time he drinks very high quality tea, writes letters with a fountain pen, and reads literature.

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